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In Creative Dance classes children are introduced to basic dance movements through games, music and creative exploration. In these classes children also learn simple stretching and strengthening exercises, These exercises lay the foundation for future ballet training.


PreBallet programme introduces students to the basic Floor Barre exercises, developing core muscles and overall flexibility and strength. Lessons focus on establishing concentration and dance memory, coordination, musical and rhythm awareness  – all in a fun learning environment.

russian school of ballet creative dance classes
Dance lessons for 5-6 yrs old


Level 0 is a training program, designed to provide girls and boys aged 7 and older with a strong foundation in ballet, while continuing  to nurture their love of dance. Students extensively work on Floor Barre exercises,  developing flexibility, strength, correct posture and alignment. They learn level-appropriate choreographies, which develop coordination, musicality and artistry. The goal of Level 0 is to properly prepare students for the demands of our Pre-professional program, guided by the Vaganova methodology. Dancers with previous experience are evaluated for this level upon enrollment.



Pre-professional training for aspiring dancers age 9 and up. This is a five level program, based on Vaganova ballet method, refined in Russia over the course of 300 years, that have produced many of the world’s finest ballet dancers. Each level of this comprehensive program is developed as a building block to advance a student’s’ training in a scientifically structured, safe and nurturing way, taking into consideration anatomy, physical and cognitive development. The technique teaches students how to uses their muscles in

a correct way to dance free from injury. Students with professional aspirations are encouraged to take additional classes below their own level each week — free of charge. As students progress through the levels, the basics remain ever so important to their steady growth, and additional training will help reaffirming and establishing sound technique. RSB students receive all the skills necessary for a career in the field of professional ballet, if they decide to pursue it, or a sound base for any other form of dance, as well as a lifelong love for dance, grace, athletic strong body.

Dancers with previous experience are evaluated upon enrollment. All students are placed into a level that will be challenging enough and at the same time will allow for maximum growth and improvement of the dancer.

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This class introduces students to various pieces and excerpts in the classical ballet repertoire. Students will learn classical variations as duets, trios, and corps de ballet (or “group”) work, while focusing on not only the technicality of the piece, but the artistic and historic meaning behind each character and movement.

Variations class is of particular importance for those students striving for a professional career, and can be an added opportunity for a student to grow in technique, artistic awareness, performance quality, and endurance and stamina all at once.


Students are introduced to the different aspects of Modern dance technique, with its off-balance movements, tumbling and acrobatics. These lessons broadens students’ understanding of rhythm, musicality, expression, whole-body movements and prepares  them for the future study of the Contemporary dance, that is becoming an integral part of ballet education. Some dancers feel that modern dance gives them a chance to enjoy ballet dancing without the strict focus on their technique and turnout. Modern dance encourages dancers to use their emotions and moods to design their own steps and routines.


Contemporary training introduces students to a different form of dance, while complimenting ballet training. Incorporating elements from ballet, jazz & modern dance, this class for teens explores self-expression through lyrical music.

Contemporary dance is a wonderful compliment to the technical ballet vocabulary and will make the dancer more versatile and more competitive in today¹s professional dance industry. At RSB we teach a variety of contemporary dance techniques including Release-based, Contact Improvisation, Graham technique and Cunningham technique. We provide opportunities to use these classics as a springboard for exploration and contemporary artistic expression.



Jazz dance is regarded as a very stylized and energetic form of dance that comprises a series of fast and intricate movements designed to reflect multiple rhythms and themes in jazz and contemporary music. The combination of technique, style, and spontaneous movement 

jazz offers serves as a tool for strengthening the body, increasing speed and improving coordination, while also providing a personal and highly creative means of expression. Basic jazz techniques are taught in the beginning level, while added technique, style, rhythm, and faster paces are introduced as students progress through the intermediate and advanced levels of jazz classes at RSB.


Juliette Thijs Russian School of Ballet

Juliette Thijs - Student

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When I took my first ballet classes, nothing was given to me. Although I was already 15 years old, weak and shy, I was determined to push myself. Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. Today, I have achieved two Russian method ballet exams and participated in two RSB productions. The key is to never quit even though some obstacles and struggles will push you to. Don’t be afraid to start if you are a teenager or an adult, ballet is for everyone!

Judith Stride - Parent

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Agreeing for Genevieve to attend lessons at RSB was one of the best decision I ever “relented to”.  I am forever grateful to Yana for seeing the passion and talent in my daughter and pursuing it. Genevieve has only but excelled in this program – not only with her ballet but in all aspects of her life. My daughter was born with low body tone and had to attend physio and OT for therapy. Now if you look at how strong and coordinated she is, you would never believe where she came from. Even the therapists are amazed at what this ballet programme has done for her.

Chloe Mallet - Student

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Before I came to RSB I had not done classical ballet for a couple of years, but before that I had done ballet at school 2 times a week for an hour. I didn’t really like these classes as there was no progression and the level was very low. When we decided to take a class at RSB I was scared because I knew that I wasn’t good enough as I hadn’t taken a ballet class in two years and the Russian technique, in my eyes, was very strict. After a few classes I found out that it was WAY different than what I had done before


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