Chloe Mallet – Student

Before I came to RSB I had not done classical ballet for a couple of years, but before that I had done ballet at school 2 times a week for an hour. I didn’t really like these classes as there was no progression and the level was very low. When we decided to take a class at RSB I was scared because I knew that I wasn’t good enough as I hadn’t taken a ballet class in two years and the Russian technique, in my eyes, was very strict. After a few classes I found out that it was WAY different than what I had done before, so I didn’t catch on too quickly which frustrated me a bit. I felt that these classes were much harder and gave me a stronger technique than my other classes though.

A few months past by, and I felt that I was getting stronger and better despite the fact that I did get stressed and felt like I couldn’t do a desired task from time to time. The Russian technique wasn’t the only different thing about RSB, but the number of hours too. At first glance I was amazed when I started in level 1 and the schedule stated that I had to do one and a half hours of ballet three times a week! However I now understand that it was needed because otherwise you don’t gain anything from doing it two hours a week. There has to be consistent training going on to progress.

Overall this experience has been wonderful although frustrating at times and I would definitely suggest RSB to anyone that wants to start ballet. For the reason, that even if you don’t want to be a professional Ballerina, it will give you a stable base for various dance styles, improve your posture and you’ll get some exercise along with it.

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