Gao Magope - Russian School of Ballet

Agreeing for Genevieve to attend lessons at RSB was one of the best decision I ever “relented to”.  I am forever grateful to Yana for seeing the passion and talent in my daughter and pursuing it. Genevieve has only but excelled in this program – not only with her ballet but in all aspects of her life. 

My daughter was born with low body tone and had to attend physio and OT for therapy. Now if you look at how strong and coordinated she is, you would never believe where she came from. Even the therapists are amazed at what this ballet programme has done for her. And it is so much more normal for a little girl to be going to ballet a few times a week rather than having to go to OT and physio.

The other exceptional aspect is what it has done for her confidence, self-esteem and her own focus on achieving her goals. Genevieve has struggled a little academically but ballet training has shown her that we all have our own strengths. We cannot all be good at everything and need to focus on our strengths. With dedication and handwork, under Yana’s guidance, Genevieve has achieved an exceptional level of ballet for her age. In 2014 Genevieve won the Ballet Category at the National Eisteddfod. She has attended lessons at the Zurich Opera House School and at the National Ballet Academy in Amsterdam and at both schools, the teachers commented on her excellent foundation of ballet training.

This ballet programme has taught her the life lessons of hard work, commitment, etiquette and determination that I believe are lessons will stand her in good stead throughout her life.

RSB teachers instil solid values in the students with regard to their own abilities, respecting and looking after their bodies, focusing on school work and building a camaraderie between the students. Another part of the school that I love is that Genevieve has a whole different group of friends away from school. There are older students that she looks up to as role models and younger students that look up to her and that she offers support. It is a very healthy and happy environment.

I would absolutely recommend the RSB if you are looking for a ballet school with a foundation of true ballet training and etiquette. This is not a creative dance school for a casual ballerina. If your daughter has a talent and passion for ballet, the RSB will give her the exceptional foundation she needs to take this further, along with learning incredible life lessons.

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