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We offer in-studio classes and virtual dance experience


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We offer in-studio classes and virtual dance experience

What we do

We instill a love of dance in each student and give them skills that last a lifetime

We lay the foundation, training our students with the concept of discipline, determination, and dedication. These skills begin with ballet and are useful in all aspects of our students’ lives.


All Levels of Experience

World Class Premises

We have the structure and comfort needed to be the best studio for learning, for parents to wait, for students to grow and excel in dance.

Highly Experienced, Caring Teachers

We choose the most qualified
individuals for each position and insist on continued education, development, and commitment to their role. 


All Classes Are taught by Industry Arts Professionals

Our highly experienced, carefully selected teachers treat each student with respect, expertise and a passion for developing their potential and personality through the expression of dance. Our classes are holistic, where each student is seen as a whole, as a unique being that requires full attention and assistance.


Hence, our method of teaching is not one of “repeating what the teacher does”, but one of embracing each student’s strengths and transforming it into beautiful movement and technique.


What we offer

Our Classes

Junior Ballet

3-8 yrs old

Class Details

Lessons focus on establishing concentration, dance memory, coordination, musical and rhythm awareness. The class atmosphere is fun and playful. Children love the ‘dance games’ that are also tools for training.
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Senior Ballet

Russian method for all levels

Class details

Our ballet programme is based on the Russian (Vaganova) method. All new students are placed in a level that will be challenging but will allow for maximum growth and improvement of the dancer.
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Boys in Action

Boys only classes

Class details

Come along for body conditioning, leaps and turns, all-boys choreography and more that is specific to the unique role of boys and young men in ballet.
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Contemporary Dance

Variety of contemporary techniques

Class details

A variety of contemporary dance techniques including Release-based, Contact Improvisation, Graham and Cunningham technique.
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Adults Ballet

For beginners and advanced dancers

Class details

Beginners and previously experienced dancers are welcome. You don't have to meet any standards. All it requires is a genuine love for ballet and a desire to do it.
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What They Say

Why Choose Russian School of Ballet


    We train our students in one of the most prestigious methods of ballet teaching. This style has been the core training of many of the world’s finest classical dancers. It is developed to work on the body as a whole.


    We choose the most qualified individuals for each position and insist on continued education, development, and commitment to their role. Each of our skilled instructors takes into account the unique anatomy, physical and cognitive development of each student.


    Each student is seen as a whole person. Seeing their potential, their personality, they are encouraged both mentally and physically. Ballet classes are so much more than a physical exercise, they develop a person as a whole.


    We have the structure and comfort needed to be the best studio for learning, for parents to wait, for students to grow and excel in dance, equipped with a wall of mirrors and spring floor with Harlequin Studio mats.


    We teach so much more than dance. Our classes follow our students into all aspects of life. From a love of dance to a mentality that assists in moving into adulthood. They learn structure and discipline in an inspiring way.


    We guarantee that each child is cared for and encouraged, making us a family favorite school. Parents feel happy in the knowledge that their child is with the most qualified professionals who can assist in their child's dream and development.


    We nurture and develop each student's skills. Encouraging, empowering and assisting them to reach full potential. We want our students to leave each class feeling inspired and hopeful for their future in dance, beaming with energy and confidence.


    While learning at the Russian School of Ballet, our students are immersed in a multicultural environment with students and teachers from all over the world with diverse backgrounds and unique qualities. It's a wonderful place for learning and acceptance of everyone.

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