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Aleksey Ilin

Russian-born Aleksei Ilin is an internationally recognized ballet instructor and master who has traveled the world, passionately imparting the knowledge and understanding of dance to those whose career path has crossed his.

An energetic, morally sound and accomplished dancer, Aleksei received his professional ballet training at the renowned Perm Ballet Academy in 1985 and later joined the Nijzgorod Ballet Theatre, where he had the opportunity to perform in many notable ballet performances including ‘Swan Lake’, ‘Spartacus’, and ‘Stone Flower’.

Working at the Mariinskii Ballet Company, Ilin toured the world, performing in several events such as the ‘Arlekianade’, Roden’s ‘Sculptures’, ‘Pas-de-trois’ and ‘Rossini’.

His intense passion, constant self-motivation and unwavering desire to positively impact his world, through ballet dance, inspired him to obtain a degree as a certified ballet Teacher in 2002 at the Vaganova Ballet Academy, St. Petersburg, Russia, where he now helps to impact the ballet students with his unique dance abilities.


While studying at the Academy, Aleksei was given the opportunity to teach dance at all levels; from 2nd to 8th (graduates). And he excelled yet again! Little wonder he was invited on his return from a 2-year assignment as a Ballet Master at SABT, Johannesburg in 2007, to join the Academy.

A good number of his students now work in major Russian and European companies – many thanks to the exceptional dance training and moral discipline that he instilled in them.

Alexei currently represents the Vaganova Academy in Finland and Japan, during their annual Summer Schools, and is regularly invited to adjudicate at various ballet competitions in Russia, where his opinion is highly valued.