Applauding our dancers

It feels like a long time ago, but it was only at the beginning of March when some of our dancers competed in the Dance World Cup.
They all looked beautiful, gave their very best on stage and made the Russian School of Ballet proud. Almost all of them received over 70%, which means they qualify to represent South Africa in the Finals.
Congratulations to the following dancers:
Kelly 81.3% for 1st Jewel variation
Phoebe 82.2% for 2nd Jewel variation
Karmia 82% for Aurora variation
Giulia 73.3% for Candide Fairy variation
Kelly 84.8% for Conformity, contemporary solo
Sofia 74.5% for Fuel to fire contemporary solo
Kyden, Kelly, Phoebe 72.7% for Jewels trio
Clara 67.5% for Pharaohs Daughter variation
Kyden 75% for Silver variation