Congratulations to Adanne on being accepted into the Washington School of Ballet



Congratulations to our Level 1 student Adanne, 11, who has been accepted into the Washington School of Ballet! Her family moved back to USA over the past weekend. We have made and sent the audition video only Sunday morning and by Tuesday have received the confirmation of her acceptance. You can watch her audition video here.

We will miss you, Adanne!

We are so enormously proud for Adanne. All teachers and students will surely miss her, as she has been training with us for the past 5 years, and became an integral part of RSB family. But we are very happy and excited for this new opportunity opening to her to take further her ballet studies.
Congratulations, Adanne! We love you and very proud of you!

Adanne_PreBallet_1_Russian_School_of_Ballet_2014Adanne_Level_0_Russian_School_of_Ballet_2016 Adanne_Level_1_Sleeping_Beauty_2017Adanne_Level_1_Sleeping_Beauty_2017