Laying the Right Foundations: The Secret to Technically Stunning Ballet

Many little girls grow up dreaming of becoming a ballerina. Why let it stay a dream? When your daughter or son shows an interest in dance, it is up to the parents and teachers to fuel that passion. Young children have loads of energy, as parents know better than anyone. This is the perfect time to put this energy into a craft that children can train and master like ballet.

The Benefits of Starting Ballet at a Young Age

The benefits of starting ballet at a young age stretch further than most might think. While it is excellent for those who plan to become professional ballet dancers it also instills important values in those who take part for their love of dance. Even those that do not necessarily go on to become professional ballet dancers, or even practice ballet as they grow older, ballet will implant vital life skills from a young age. They may find a passion for dance and decide to carry on with anything, from contemporary to modern dance. Ballet is renowned for helping to maintain a healthy back which is complimentary to children, especially when participating in other sports.

Starting Dance Training Early Has Several Benefits

The history of a ballet dancer’s training is crucial to their future in dance. Many young dancers, who have taken ballet for years, haven’t laid the right foundations when it comes to fundamentals that include:

  • Skills
  • Vocabulary
  • Alignment
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Placement
  • Strength

A classical ballet training programme will instil these fundamentals first because these foundations are what make highly skilled (thanks to the right training) dancers. Ballet is fun, as it should be, but it is an art that can be mastered and to do so, you need the right training from a formal ballet school.

Over 300 Years of Excellence – The Vaganova Ballet Method

The Vaganova Ballet Method is renowned for the fluidity of its movements and the level to which it gives you the potential to progress.

Arippina Vaganova (who created this method of training) was a revolutionary because, having trained as a professional dancer herself, she not only laid out the method but, most importantly, perfected its instruction by identifying the best times to place focus on certain techniques throughout a dancer’s personal evolution. The early stages include developing the necessary flexibility, strength and stamina needed to be a professional ballerina (later on in life) from the very beginning of your dance training. Young training and the expertise to identify these crucial stages and the focus each dancer requires at any given time is what The Russian School of Ballet does best. We aim to create harmony in the way the dancer executes steps and uses their entire body as a means of achieving greater expression.

At the end of the day, we teach ballet, using the body to express and evoke emotion. The Russian School of Ballet provides a means to share the passion for technique and the love of dance!